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Hiking is the best way testing youself and stay alone.On foot you feel a much better for this or that corner of beauty, during hiking in the same place you discover something new, which has not seen in the previous or simply not noticed. Also you will  find yourself which have never before  you have seen. As it happens people in hiking fully reveal his character.

Hike, this seemingly fun and pleasant process it is possible in seconds can become the most terrible and unbearable suffering,what even felt in life . What’s why our experienced instructors allow you to discover the wild nature, and in the case of wish they will teach you actions in the wild and self-salvation.

Test yourself in extreme situations, meet the local people, taste Georgian cuisine and Georgian wines, visit cultural sites and protected areas only in Georgia

For introducing Georgian hospitality, the tour offers overnight in small or family hotels. You can choose from among the many exciting tours and select the desired route. After the tour, you have the opportunity to order a picnic.

Many people want to try a sport in its own, however, as usual they give up the fear. But there are people who are looking for new sensations and are ready taking risks and test their own forces.


If you think that you are venture, have a responsibity as well as are risky, and you want to test your own powers, you have a great chance to join us and take an unforgettable experience.

Presenting matters for studying during adventure and extreme tours:

  • Preparation for the hiking
  • Individual and group actions during in extreme and adventure tour.
  • Mental readiness.
  • Get over the fear and stress
  • Minimum things for the hiking
  • Make up the fire with non-traditional manner
  • Fire species and considering matters
  • Selection camp place
  • Shelter species and arrange
  • Establish horizon sides (Define a location, find the way.)
  • Orient with local subjects and the celestial luminaries
  • Movement at night
  • Get water and food in the wild nature
  • Water purification methods
  • Chose the consumption plants
  • Make hunting and self-defense weapons
  • Medical safety and first aid in field conditions.
  • Existing threats and prevention methods.
  • Staffing of hiking pharmacy
  • Existing plants in nature for treatment usage.


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