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Rafting in Georgian language is “Jomardi”. This extremal sport is quite popular whole over the world. This is type of active resting. It is used airbag boat.In recent years, rafting has emerged as a popular pastime, and even nowadays the water hurdle sport is still gaining popularity as an extreme water sport in order to thrill and excite “raft passengers.”
Simply, raft adventurers navigate through different degrees of rough waters (mostly rivers) in order to thrill and excite themselves as they bump up and down along strong waves and currents. The basic principle of rafting is to haul down the river current using speedy inflated air-boats. Usually, the number of seats in the boat differs from one to twelve depending on boat type

Categories are also divided according to the difficulty of the river – class I is the easiest, class IV means life threatening, and so on.

Class I – the easiest and it’s only for resting.

Class II –the fast river,variety of difficulties. (Average size stones)


Class III – this category involves the fast streamflow, middle-sized fallings and holes. It needs clever tactic. (Aragvi,only in spring. Mtkvari, Rioni)

Class IV-the rapid and powerful stream, fallings, holes and whirlpool includes some dangers. It’s necessary experience for maneuvers.

Class V – big fallings, boulders   and other difficulties includes some risks for health and life. It’s necessary professional experience. ( Enguri,Tergi ,Mtkvari and Rioni)

Class VI- There is high risk for life. There are some rivers only in this category in Georgia. After passed such kind of river you can say that you are lucky man.

However, rafting can be a dangerous sport, especially if basic safety precautions are not observed. It is generally advisable to discuss safety measures with a rafting operator before signing up for a trip.
Georgia is an ambitious country where every kind of sport is given a shot, including rafting. Tours are made with standard rafting boats and are leaded by qualified instructors.


River Aragvi – mtiuleti district

  • Start place- Fasanauri.
  • Tour duration – 1 day
  • Distance -15 km
  • Run duration- 1 hour 30 minutes


River Aragvi – Pshavi district

  • Start place – 5 km above the village Magaroskari.
  • Tour duration – 1 day
  • Distance -17 km
  • Run duration- 1 hour 45 minutes

River Mtkvari – Borjomi ravine;

  • Start place –village Chitakhevi;
  • Tour duration – 1 or 2 days (overnight in tents)
  • Distance -17 km
  • Run duration- 1 hour 30 minutes


River Mtkvari – vardzia;

  • Start place – Vardzia;
  • Tour duration – 2 days (overnight in tents)
  • Distance – 35 km
  • Run duration- 3 hour 15 minutes


River Rioni – Racha district;

  • Start place – oni region;
  • Tour duration – 2 days (overnight in tents);
  • Distance – 30 km;
  • Run duration- 3 hour;


VIP rafting

This is special offer for very extremal people, who like high risk feeling.

Tour can be organized for 1,2 or 3tourists only on river with rapid level  – IV /V. There will be 3 or more guides in the raft with tourists.

Service includes:

  • Transportation;
  • Camping accommodation;
  • Meals

Night rafting on moonlight

Tourist minimal quantity – 6 persons;

Tour place – Borjomi ravine, river Mtkvari;

At the places with river rapid there will be camp-fire on both sides of the river. After run at the camp tourists will taste real Georgian Shashlik. You can enjoy this special, extraordinary feeling only 4 time during the season.

Service includes:

  • Transportation
  • Camping accommodation
  • Meals
  • Shower
  • Rafting on other day


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